WebQuest way to go.

I recently had contact with my principal and began a conversation about being a presenter for our staff training coming up in February.  I want to be more involved in the tech decisions and integration at my school. Seeing that ITEC 815 was a great training ground for integrating technology into the classroom, I suggested that I train other teachers how to make a webquest in little time, or at least 45 min.  I would have a computer lab available to me to train others, so now I’m trying to think of what free website hosts are out there, or maybe how to use our Schoolloop website to make a webquest.  I can look at google sites or direct them to wordpess, blogger or myecoach.  I know my-ecaoch is a paid site, but it is a nominal fee.  Even so, I think that teachers would want a free site if possible.  another consideration is whether the site would get through the district filters, which could be a problem with wordpress and blogger, in particular.

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