Evolution is always going on…


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This is the title of a song that I wrote to help my students understand and get excited about Evolution.  I plan on using the skills that I have learned in the ITEC program to turn it into a video over the winter break and use it in class (via a YouTube post) when my students and I get back in January.  This unit is going to become more and more tech heavy for me in the future.  I say this because evolution is not the kind of science topic that lends itself to hands-on real world lab activities.  It is much easier to conceptualize in a simulation, which of course is what computers are great at!  This last week, I had my students visit Discovery Science Channel’s Charles Darwin Game.  This game is addicting, the gameplay has many different variables that you can control, and many that are out of control, as  a game about natural selection should.  My students thoroughly enjoyed the game, were sad if the creatures they selected went extinct, and cheered when they survived a million years of evolution.  I had them in groups of three to four per computer which seemed to work well for this activity.  I have 12 laptops available in my classroom, and am using computers much more regularly this year because of this availability. I find that I am seeking out activities for my students on the web much more frequently as a result.  I created a worksheet to guide my students through the lesson that precedes the game and to help them focus on the science in the game itself, which I have attached here: Charles Darwin Game


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