This site is one of the coolest on the web for science teachers, and is basically the first webquest-ish assignment that I ever had my students way back in the year 2001, the year I got banned from Napster. Screenshot 2013-12-18 17.41.02( I downloaded one – ONE – Metallica song!) My Webelements assignment is ripe for a revamp, and getting asked to train other staff in integrating technology into the classroom is the perfect opportunity. I need to ditch the worksheet in favor of  a digital set of questions and links to presentation webApps, and encourage them to bulid presentations of their elements, maybe even have a group presentation, with the groups naturally sorting themselves into Halogens, Noble Gases, Alkali Metals, and the like.  Each group will present their similarities, and then each student will tell what’s unique about their element.  I can see it now…on a Prezi.

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